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Managers are the driving force in enterprises. They have the means and tools necessary to introduce innovative solutions in the company. The lessons in this course present a wide range of knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety. Introducing the latest technical solutions, following the latest legal regulations brings noticeable benefits not only for the company, economy, process performance, product quality, but also for ordinary employees whose working conditions significantly improve by, for example, replacing manual work for the supervision of automatic, safe machines.

This course is intended for qualified employees and managers of production SMEs. It contains a wider range of knowledge compared to the basic course.

Employees are the implementing force in the company. They are closest to production processes and have the most technical and practical knowledge related to these processes. They are also the most exposed to all hazards and dangers resulting from it. The introduction of technologically advanced solutions to the company requires appropriate knowledge to safely use, operate and maintain it. Lessons collected in this course cover more technical and practical aspects related to health and safety and are aimed at improving employees' skills, improving their competences and working conditions.

The basic course on occupational safety and health contains the most important information in this topic, mainly for less qualified workers and machine operators. It can also be used as a refreshment, updating the knowledge gained earlier during an advanced course.